Bambuser Premieres Real-Time Virtual Productions for Live Video Shopping
Hem E-HANDEL Bambuser Premieres Real-Time Virtual Productions for Live Video Shopping

Bambuser Premieres Real-Time Virtual Productions for Live Video Shopping

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Bambuser, announces the successful launch of real-time virtual live shopping productions, powered by advanced high-quality 3D graphics.

The new production capabilities enable viewers to travel across exotic locations in a never seen before online customer experience. As a result, the add-to-cart click rate skyrocketed, which paves the way for a new era of premium virtual productions as part of Bambuser’s offering.

Part of Bambuser’s quest to provide the most innovative and immersive online shopping experiences, the first-of-its-kind show for retailer Lindex took shoppers on a virtual tour across Scandinavia’s most scenic summer locations. Featuring simulated beach settings such as Tylösand and Gotland, the interactive and shoppable event was streamed from Virtual Star Studios, one of Europe’s most advanced green screen studios.

Lindex, one of Bambuser’s trailblazing fashion retailers, tapped Bambuser to create the unique experience for the launch of their summer collection. The live show was produced using advanced technology that enables rendering of high-end 3D photorealistic graphics in Unreal Engine, resulting in the creation of stunning worlds and environments.

The live show exceeded the Bambuser average performance across a number of key success metrics, including drawing more than twice as many viewers. Lindex also saw an impressive conversion boost, achieving a 55 percent add-to-cart click rate, which is significantly higher than the retailer’s average of 21 percent. Following the livestream, the recording has continued to engage shoppers. In just 48 hours, the show’s replay has received over 136 percent more views than the average number of views a recorded show garners in a month.

“Live Video Shopping is a very powerful tool for Lindex, and in an incredibly short time, it’s become a relevant way for our brand to engage and interact with our customers. For our summer collection, we wanted to give shoppers an entirely new experience, and we see from the show’s performance that this type of premium production drives next-level impact,” said Susanna Antonini, PR & Influencer Marketing Manager at Lindex.

“Over the past year, the popularity of Live Video Shopping with retailers and shoppers indicates that these interactive, shoppertainment experiences are here to stay. Now that we’ve proven the format’s power to drive consumer behavior, we want to push the limits of the technology, make it even more immersive and help retailers transcend the status quo of e-commerce,” said Sophie Abrahamsson, Chief Commercial Officer at Bambuser. “For every brand and retailer, this show is a powerful demonstration of what they can achieve, and it’s my hope they’ll see it and instantly envision the worlds they can create on their own websites.”

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