Hem NYHETER Flic now Certified for HomeKit

Flic now Certified for HomeKit

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With HomeKit support, users can set up Flic buttons in the Apple Home app and then control their home scenes by pushing buttons instead of talking to Siri or going through the phone.

Flic now Certified for HomeKit 2

Flic Retail packaging – Double Pack and Starter Kit

Flic buttons are now able to control all other services and devices that can be added to a Home Scene in the massive Apple HomeKit ecosystem.

“When we launched Flic 2 and the Flic hub LR on Kickstarter last year, HomeKit was one of the most requested new features. Since Flic is one of the very few units that act as a trigger and not something that gets triggered, it was a challenge to integrate it. It has been a long process but thanks to a close dialogue and collaboration with Apple, we managed to accomplish this together which we are very proud of”, says Oskar Öberg, CTO of Shortcut Labs.

The term Smart Button was coined in 2014 by Shortcut Labs when they launched the first version of Flic on Indiegogo. At that time, Smart Home technology was in its embryo, and the primary usage of smart buttons was to control smartphones. But along with a maturing market, the company has grown significantly in Smart Home control.

“We’ve seen a huge demand for a simple way to control your devices without having to talk to a voice assistant or hardwiring connected switches and sensors to your wall sockets. Flic is wireless, easy to set up and with the new HomeKit integration, we will always be up to date with new technologies and devices,” says Daniel Abdiu, CEO of Shortcut Labs.

To use Flic with Apple Home, users need an Apple TV, a HomePod or an iPad set up as a Home Hub along with a Flic Hub LR and Flic 2 Smart buttons. Shortcut Labs has added HomeKit to all existing Flic Hub LR’s with an automatic software update.

With the HomeKit feature in place, Flic will have a clear place on the retail shelves, something that the team at shortcut labs have worked closely with distributor EET to achieve in Europe.

“Our partnership with Shortcut Labs goes back to 2017 when we launched the first generation of Flic in retail. The introduction of Smart Buttons allows us to provide consumers with an easy and fast way to access the universe of Smart Home possibilities. Flic Buttons are easy for the stores to demonstrate, e.g turn things on and off, and now they are able to control Smart Home products connected with Apple HomeKit”, says Allan Friis, Sales Director, Retail at EET.

EET Group is one of the largest distributors in Europe in their field, operating in 24 markets, serves more than 30,000 buying customers annually and has more than 1,100 brands in the range. This is achieved through strong organic growth and a very successful acquisition strategy with 46 acquisitions from 1998 to 2019.

The new Apple HomeKit compatible Flic Hub LR is already on it’s way to the retailers on the European marked. The suggested price on Flic 2 Smart Button Starter Kit, that consists of one Flic Hub LR and a total of 4 Flic 2 Smart Buttons is €159.99. Flic 2 double pack consisting of 2 Smart Buttons is available at a suggested price of €49.99.

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